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What is Botched Ink Brow Removal?

Botched Ink brow removal is a specialised technique used to safely and effectively remove unwanted or poorly executed microblading or permanent makeup from the eyebrows. Unlike traditional tattoo removal methods, Botched Ink utilises a unique formula specifically designed for use on cosmetic tattoo pigments, minimizing the risk of scarring or skin damage. This procedure offers clients a solution to correct and improve previous eyebrow tattooing mistakes, allowing for a fresh start and better results.

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Botched Ink Brow Removal Faqs

How does Botched Ink Brow Removal work?

Botched Ink utilises a unique formula and technique designed to break down and lift unwanted pigment from the skin. The solution is gently tattooed into the existing brow tattoo, causing the pigment to rise to the surface, where it can be naturally expelled by the body.

Is Botched Ink Brow Removal suitable for all types of eyebrow tattoos?

Botched Ink Brow Removal is suitable for most types of cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, including microblading, ombre brows, powder brows, and combination brows. However, certain factors such as tattoo depth, pigment type, and skin condition may affect the results. Samantha will assess your individual case during a consultation to determine suitability.

How many sessions are required for complete removal?

The number of Botched Ink Brow Removal sessions required depends on various factors, including the size, color, and depth of the tattoo, as well as individual skin characteristics. While some clients may achieve desired results in one session, others may require multiple sessions for complete removal or significant fading.

What can I expect during the Botched Ink Brow Removal process?

During the Botched Ink Brow Removal process, Samantha will begin by conducting a thorough consultation to assess your needs and expectations. The actual removal procedure involves gently tattooing the Botched Ink solution into the existing brow tattoo. Mild discomfort may be experienced, but numbing creams are available to minimise any potential discomfort.

Is there downtime after Botched Ink Brow Removal?

Downtime after Botched Ink Brow Removal is minimal. You may experience some redness, swelling, and temporary scabbing in the treated area, which typically resolves within a few days. It’s essential to follow post-care instructions provided by Samantha to promote proper healing and optimal results.

Will Botched Ink Brow Removal leave scarring?

When performed by a skilled and experienced technician like Samantha, Botched Ink Brow Removal can actually improve the appearance of scarring or skin damage. However, individual healing responses may vary. Samantha will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to help ensure a smooth recovery process.

How do I schedule a Botched Ink Brow Removal consultation with Samantha at Dimensions Beauty?

To schedule a consultation with Samantha for Botched Ink Brow Removal, simply contact Dimensions Beauty via phone or using the online form at the bottom of this website. Samantha will assess your unique situation, address any concerns you may have, and create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs and goals.

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